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Blood Summer

by Lake Island

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First 01:45
by my way could i swallow the fog i’m in recall in the car our talk of the state we’re in? do i suppose in your words the feeling of solace lives or hope that the fog could swallow the way i am? my very breath rings this hollow: day time bears the night’s sorrow propose in the car on our holiday that we crash get it over with in the quickest way are we bound to each other in our awful fate? are we souped in the sadness of the morrow’s weight? i feel the pieces fall into place i can’t go on another day coy, i played my song as though it wasn’t mine
Silverflat 11:16
coin flip do i end my life i saw in my hand what i could not decide it’s not enough to feel love from family or from a friend so here i am coloring white snow red careful speaking truthfully thinking my life is wrought with desire to end carefully speaking truthfully thinking my blood may freeze before i spill enough said you belong to no one else i saw in my heart what i could not deny my feelings now worse and worse my awful head sorry for coloring white snow red our careful lines when you love someone it goes wrong you come undone i could not find you there or anywhere you were undone i will admit i was wrong i was undone all along where i went wrong is none of my business now photographs won’t help retrace through my steps it’s none of my business now photographs won’t help retrace through the past for you or me
Turnaround 04:36
my friends i’ve failed i wish you would call or gather round i need you now more than ever i’ve felt but today i’d say don’t come around i don’t want to see you sorry for how things turned out sometimes life doesn’t go your way it comes to me now waves crash about knowing what i’ve done i can’t see through my tears all the lies that i keep on telling myself that i’m fine alone but i know by the time summer rolls in i’ll end my life i don’t want to survive you know i still think of you i pictured you on my side
oh i’m caught in this awful life my only peace is my knife i wanted to be undone by the hand of one i love each time that i said ‘i’m fine’ i meant i really really tried i tried to be okay please send me cards instead of roses god i was just sinking in the feeling of wondering how and where have all my feelings gone god i’m in this scramble hand in the dark for the light switch wondering how does one turn feelings off i cannot stand on my own i must have driven past your jordan’s house half a hundred times or more it was only to make sure you were alright odd i was just swimming in the cup of sadness funny thing, i poured
Hin 01:42
Terland 03:55
you are the face i see when i close my eyes you are the one who ruined my life foolishly i’m alone i’m hot for taking my life you always were the one to talk me out of my mind i know where i’ll head i wish the cold would stay to keep my away for now foolishly i had thought things for me would be alright you always said you hoped you’d be the one who would find me when i’m not with you i’m losing my mind then when i’m with you things they seem fine
soft our song of mourning slow i know but is that enough? still you’re drawn to leaving things alone are better off no past that blithely kites behind no futures hangs for us to adorn still in ways i’m sewn in, in so many ways already gone still you’re drawn to leaving things alone are better off i cannot see nor unsee what i saw for us all wrapped in light though in dire times they say the ones you love most come to mind so call upon your fondest memories call or fall upon your closest friendlies though in dying times they say the ones who loved you most appear so call upon your warmest farings call or fall upon your soft ones, they won’t come
don’t stop caring i now need your forgiveness in the morn i cried i’m just not cut out to feel love don’t stop caring now that you know i’m leaving don’t tell me like i have been there for you it’s not so much that you’re full of lies it’s more about your coward ass and mine i could not let you go from the lamplight too far i could not let you go from the lamp through my hands light bursts i have been so unfair to you i have been so unkind don’t stop caring i now need your forgiveness don’t stop caring for me i need you closely in the morn i cried i’m unfit for no part in your life
could i hold you one more time stripped at the gate, all wrapped in light could i hold you one more time friend, could i fold up inside your life one more time you’re happy again prize consolation you’re happy again sharpest knife around you’re happy again what end to fickle fuckery and now you’re floating perfectly away from me and all my pain bemoan the loss of your friends your prized relations but through the tapestry it’s weaved your thread through all that’s been said before you’re floating perfectly away from me and all of my pain
Fish Food 04:15
diviner of toothaches what does it mean different words for the same thing slowly i’m spilling falling apart a fool for the iced days not the sunned i’ve trouble enduring being halved on the tracks or cooked at the substation is this the last cut at the trailhead a cut at the lake look to the night sky a cut on my leg now that i’m totally sunk in the waves fools for the iced days never learn how when in trouble not to jump in the lake i’m food for the fishes all the same highline all alone
so far i thought it’d be you and me indefinitely now that you’re gone i feel indefinitely awful lift me up from the wheels i promise not to leave so far i thought it’d be you and me potentially fall for the pleasure you’re a fool by any measure so far i thought it’d be you and me indefinitely pull me up through the ceiling real feelings don’t leave things you feel aren’t real feelings are more unclear undried tears disappear with the snow’s falling here there’s no one who loves you more than i do unlucky you
Bonkey Trek 06:16
i’ve had it with love the only thing we share is hurt and that’s not a real answer lonely or bored there are only so many ties left to sever for a few more there are only so many days left before i lose it fall around fall around somehow joy has slipped right through my fingers but now i’ve got to go on can you feel so alright when knowing your loved ones want to die spend one more night alive it must be nice to feel alright completely bored with having lived through all these years without changing anything about me or more to the point with not trading my scars for better friendships there’s got to be more to life than crying in the bathroom through all the parties undried tears disappear and all for joy i am feeling so embarrassed for how i’ve gone on like this


released September 29, 2017

Written and Produced by Lake Island (Kyle Hooper, Jonny Trousdale, Jared Cisneros, Renato Ruz) Recorded at Val Verde by K. Hooper and J. Cisneros. Additional Recording and Mixing by Cade Thalman. Additional Recording by Parker Robinson. Mastered by C. Thalman. Photograph by K. Hooper.


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Lake Island Provo, Utah

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